I have a predilection for SuperCollider. I use it for almost all the music I compose. Here is how you can get my extensions.

The Sponge Object

The Sponge object is used to get the data from the sponge in SuperCollider. You can get the file here. Just put it in your SuperCollider Extensions folder.

It also comes with the mmExtensions which you can get by following the instructions below.

The PresetInterpolator Object

The PresetInterpolator allows to interpolate smoothly between any number of presets. It was inspired mostly by AudioMulch’s MetaSurface.

It is part of the mmExtensions. You can get these using git (git it directly in your SuperCollider Extensions folder):

git clone git://

This will also get you the file.

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  1. Merci Martin pour la prestation à OPUS 2013, et pour la belle rencontre.

    J’espère ré-entrendre l’Éloge du Mou (moll) bientôt.

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