22marbles is a composition and performance project by Martin Marier and Véro Marengère. Playing a digital instrument invented by Martin Marier – the sponge – the composers create a unique and playful space for improvisation. Risks and vulnerability are seen as pathways that lead to an intensely focused listening. We see this approach as a way to blur the lines between composition and improvisation.

Residency and performance at NAISA

I was invited to NAISA North Media Arts Centre in South River, Ontario for a short residency during which I performed for a radio show. On January 17 2018, I performed live on NAISA radio for Art’s Birthday. https://soundcloud.com/naisa/martin-marier-at-naisa-arts-birthday-performance

This performance, another one and a discussion were recorded on January 17 and 19, 2018 and were then broadcasted on Wave Farm radio in March 2018. The show is available on their website.  You can hear two sponge performances and an interview led by Darren Copeland. https://wavefarm.org/wf/archive/qyc6rr